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Services Offered

Legacy offers book & document conservation services only.  Book conservation differs from library (or machine) binding.  Simple re-covering, re-gluing, or other machine operations are best done by a library binding service.  Likewise, I do not do limited-edition binding.  And I do not do art or photographic conservation.

All the work I do is done by hand, with attention to preserving the original character and materials of the book, to the greatest degree possible and appropriate.  Any deviations to this are always discussed with the client in advance.  Depending on the degree of work required, a book may need minimal cleaning, perhaps a protective box, or may need to be unbound, the pages washed to remove accumulated dirt or water damage, then resized, resewn, and recased in either a new or a rejuvenated original binding.  This can range from just a couple of hours labor (our minimum) to 20 hours of labor or more.

I am dedicated to preserving the legacy of books and documents that we have inherited.  To the best of my knowledge and ability I use techniques and materials that will last for generations.  Whenever possible, the materials are of archival quality:  acid-free and buffered papers & board, inert and reversible adhesives, unbleached linen thread, et cetera.  The techniques I use for binding and conservation work are likewise archivally oriented, non-damaging, and reversible in the event the book or document requires additional attention in the future.  All work is, of course, unconditionally guaranteed.

I do offer document cleaning, de-acidification, and Mylar-D encapsulation services, as well.  Torn pages (either in a sole document or as part of a book) are typically repaired using wheat paste and hand-made kozo paper.  Frequently, old documents have been stored either rolled-up or folded; these need to be enclosed in a humidity chamber for a time to allow the fibers to relax, then the document flattened under restraint prior to other conservation work being performed.

I do some custom binding, but only on a very limited basis.

All conservation work is billed at $200.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum charge, plus the cost of materials.  Shipping, if necessary, is extra.  Before any work is begun, I will discuss with the client the level of treatment required, and provide a written estimate that I will stand by.  I cannot provide an estimate until I have actually seen the book or document in question.  A deposit of half the estimate is required before work is begun, with the balance due upon completion of the work.  Institutional clients are welcome, and will be invoiced.

If you need information about the value of a book, start here:  Your Old Books  from the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College and Research Libraries.